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Sam Tsui

hi iMeniacs.. This time I would tell you about the young and talented person, Sam Tsui.

Sam Tsui

Bawang Putih (Allium sativum)

Bawang putih ditemukan khasiatnya sejak tahun 500 SM.
Saat itu bawang putih digunakan oleh bangsa Mesir kuno untuk pekerja yang mambangun piramida karena dipercaya dapat menjaga stamina.

Bawang putih juga digunakan sebagai pengganti antibiotik oleh orang-orang Rusia yang disebut Penisilin Rusia.

Senyawa yang terkandung di dalam bawang putih disebut aliin. Aliin tidak berbau.


Aroma bawang putih disebabkan ketika sulfur dalam alisin diterbangkan amonia ke udara, karena amonia mudah menguap.

Bawang putih mempunyai beberapa khasiat, yaitu:
1. menangkal flu
2. membasmi cacing perut
3. mengobati rematik
4. meredakan insomnia
5. mengatasi hipertensi, stroke, jantung koroner, diabetes dan kanker.

Senyawa alisin dalam bawang berkhasiat menghancurkan pembentukan pembekuan darah dalam arteri, mengurangi gejala diabetes dan mengurangi tekanan darah.

Healthiest Foods on Earth

1. Berries

All berries are low in sugar and high in fiber. Blueberries have been shown to increase memory in lab studies. Raspberries and strawberries are loaded with ellagic acid, a powerful antioxidant that seems to have some anti-cancer properties, according to the American Cancer Society.


2. Beans

Beans are extremely high in fiber, which helps to control weight, prevent or managed diabetes and blood sugar, and may help prevent colon cancer and protect against heart disease.
The National Institute of Medicine recommends 25-38 grams of fiber a day. The average American gets only 4-11 grams.
One cup beans provides 11-17 grams.


3. Nuts

Some of the largest and most important long term studies of diet and health have shown that eating nuts several times a week is consistent with a risk of heart attack and heart disease that is 30-50% lower than the general population. Just one ounce of nuts – almonds, macadamia Brazil, walnuts, pecans – eaten three to five times a week seems to be the magic number.


4. Wild Salmon

Fish is the ultimate anti-aging food. Cold-water fatty fish like wild salmon, sardines, mackerel and herring contain omega-3 fats that protect the brain and the heart, improve mood, and lower blood pressure and triglyceride.


5. Raw Milk

Raw, organic milk nearly always comes from grass-fed cows and contains high levels of cancer-fighting CLA (Conjugated Linolenic Acid) as well as a rich assortment of vitamins, minerals and beneficial bacteria (like Lactobacillus acidophilus)


6. Grass-fed

Meat from grass-fed cows has a much different fat profile than ordinary supermarket meat : high in omega-3, lower in potentially harmful omega-6s and loaded with CLA, a kind of fat known for its anti-cancer activity. A superb source of protein and vitamin B12, it’s also missing the antibiotics, steroids and hormones found in the meat that feedlot farms.


7. Eggs

Considered by many to be nature’s most prefect food, the egg is high in protein and relatively low in calories. The yolk contains choline, one of the most important nutrients for the brain, as well as lutein and xeazanthin, two critical nutrients for eye health.
Brassica vegetables cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and kale all contain plant compounds called indoles that help reduce the risk of cancer. In addition to a stunning range of vitamins and minerals, they also contain sulforaphane, an important plant chemical that helps the body detoxify health-damaging chemicals.


8. Apples

Not only do they keep the doctor away, they also appear to do the same for lung cancer, diabetes and asthma. An apple contains five grams of fiber and a rich blend of nutrients including the bone-building vitamin K and anti-inflammatory nutrient quercetin. And there’s no better way to control your appetite than an apple eaten about half an hour before a big meal.


9. Onions and garlic

In an impressive number of published studies, the consumption of onions and garlic has demonstrated protective effects against stomach, prostate, and esophageal cancer. Along with broccoli, tea and apples, onions and garlic are among to select group of foods found to reduce mortality from heart disease by 20%.


10. Pomegranate juice

Called “a natural viagra” by researchers at Tel Aviv University, pomegranate juice is loaded with antioxidants. Studies show it can reduce blood pressure and plaque in the arteries. New research indicates it also shows the progression of tumors. Four to eight ounces a day is highly recommended.


11. Green Tea

Though all teas are great for you, green tea has a unique profile of plant chemicals that have anti-cancer activity. It’s now fairly established that green tea may help prevent the following types of cancers in humans : bladder, colon, esophagus, pancreas, rectum and stomach. If that’s not enough, it also appears to help with weight control.

Healthiest Foods on Earth


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