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Google soon releasing a new education app which is Google Classroom.
Google classroom combined all of teaching and learning in school and make things more easier, such as making paper. In Google classroom you can make a paper with Google docs and filed it into folders in Google Drive. Google classroom reduce the uses of piles of document or paper that student has-to-print and give it to teacher (IMO after you give it to your teacher, it just stacking messily in some place IDK :D)

Because this app is still coming soon, so I do browsing to collect some information about it and I found an interesting case in Vanderbilt University. Because of using Google for Education applications this university can save $750.000 (about IDR 8.775.000.000) annually. Wow, can you imagine that? Such a very big amount that you can save because of it. And this overall-easy-to-use application make me more interested, so I wanna take this app to my college’s project and combined with other project that already been built, maybe start with iDu. Hopefully can make it ^^

Update: I have been trying to using classroom and I found it same operation with iDu.
First, Google Classroom and iDu are using class code.
In Google Classroom, you have to choose whether you are teacher or student. If you a teacher, you can make a class so you receive a class code which is used to your student to enroll class.
Second, Google Classroom and iDu will send you reminder when your assignment gonna due.
Google classroom using Google Calendar and Google Drive to help teacher when giving an assignment and due date, so the due date will noted on your Google Calendar and send you a reminder through your Gmail.

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  1. untungrahardja says:

    Good analysis. And using English.
    Continue with it, what is your aim and strategy. How do we consider completion towards your final year project.

    • Yessy says:

      thank you Sir.

      Now I’m still comparing both applications (iDu and Google Classroom), maybe GC’s benefit can be used to help fixing iDu’s lack to be better application.

      • Iz says:

        Yes yessy, but the main aim of iDu is actually online test/exam.
        I see the classroom can’t be used for multiple choice. Only essay.
        and can’t work automatically for the grade, so the teacher have to take a look first before they make grade for their students.

  2. Iz says:

    @untungrahardja : actually I haven’t found more information about this classroom…but I have tried it. As what I see, classroom is not as complex as iDU, I mean the features aren’t as rich as iDu.
    so if u watch some videos about classroom, for example this one
    classroom is still new and don’t have lot of features.
    what’s the good point of this classroom? yeah, classroom is linked with our rinfo, which make it easier for us and no need to remember lot of login details anymore.
    and also this classroom will take our space of rinfo drive, and will be saved there.
    so if you want me to compare between iDu and classroom, I can say it’s not comparable, since classroom is still new and the feature is still standard.
    but its worth to be analyzed more.
    we won’t know what’s the best thing of this classroom until we find out all features that classroom can offer to us.
    and im sure google will make it better in the future.

    so if u ask, will it disturb iDu? I say NO, will it support iDU? I say YES, but depend on how u use the classroom.
    for example if u want to use classroom for something else like essay assignment that need contribution from some students, then this classroom can be used where the iDu can’t do this.
    so, I suggest yessy to find out more about classroom, and find out what’s the best thing that classroom can offer to us.


    • untungrahardja says:

      So, my question to Yessy, I volunteer to be one of your GC user. I have an S2 class, how can you escort me to use GC. My class starts today at 5pm, do you think Yessy can see me in support of this.

      • Iz says:

        @untungrahardja : I think S2 students will have more assignment in essay form, for sure this classroom can be used for your class.
        it takes a min to create a class.
        what u need to do just go to
        it will bring u to a page where u can choose to be a student or teacher, so u click teacher and start your class.

        • untungrahardja says:

          I need Yessy to escort me on this. One question to @iz , if we do it in GC, it doesn’t contribute to our web activities, hence it will not improve our TPi ranking. What do you say about this.

          • Iz says:

            then again i’m not sure if iDU itself gives contribution for our ?

            some trick then can be done like redirection.

      • Yessy says:

        Pardon me Sir but I’m stuck here.
        Because I was sign using my 2 accounts of Gmail, one as student and else as teacher. But it appears the same. You just can view about assignment, and I dunno how to get the class code here.

        Before that, I was read this once.
        It said that you can do things same as you can do with iDu when you sign in as teacher.

        For now, I recommended you to using iDu since there’s no one you can do here Sir.

    • Yessy says:

      I do agree with u, Iz

      Furthermore, I can’t find something more interest from GC yet, maybe because it’s new. So I’ve little confuse here, because when you signed to classroom as student once, you can’t signed as teacher and nothing you can do but viewing assignment, what to-do and what’s done. That’s it.

      Oh yes, it’s directly connected with Rinfo.

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