Monthly Archives: August 2014

Google Classroom

Google soon releasing a new education app which is Google Classroom.
Google classroom combined all of teaching and learning in school and make things more easier, such as making paper. In Google classroom you can make a paper with Google docs and filed it into folders in Google Drive. Google classroom reduce the uses of piles of document or paper that student has-to-print and give it to teacher (IMO after you give it to your teacher, it just stacking messily in some place IDK :D)

Because this app is still coming soon, so I do browsing to collect some information about it and I found an interesting case in Vanderbilt University. Because of using Google for Education applications this university can save $750.000 (about IDR 8.775.000.000) annually. Wow, can you imagine that? Such a very big amount that you can save because of it. And this overall-easy-to-use application make me more interested, so I wanna take this app to my college’s project and combined with other project that already been built, maybe start with iDu. Hopefully can make it ^^

Update: I have been trying to using classroom and I found it same operation with iDu.
First, Google Classroom and iDu are using class code.
In Google Classroom, you have to choose whether you are teacher or student. If you a teacher, you can make a class so you receive a class code which is used to your student to enroll class.
Second, Google Classroom and iDu will send you reminder when your assignment gonna due.
Google classroom using Google Calendar and Google Drive to help teacher when giving an assignment and due date, so the due date will noted on your Google Calendar and send you a reminder through your Gmail.